Walking backwards into the future, looking at the past.

Our early connections influence how we engage later in life.

Where we come from is what roots us. It’s the road map we use for life, and to which, if we’re smart, we’ll keep adding to with streets and neighbourhoods as we grow.

Looking towards Apiti, Central North Island New Zealand

Part of my cultural and learning inheritance: Looking towards Apiti, Central North Island New Zealand

We have a saying at home, that we walk backwards into the future. Learning is changing, our communities are changing, but some essential elements remain true and timeless. It’ about harnessing new landscapes to facilitate learning, not being over-run by them and looking after our inheritance.  #DigELT2015


About the author Emma Louise Pratt

Emma Louise Pratt studied at Ilam School of Fine Art, Canterbury University, New Zealand. She has been the runner up in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Award (2005), and a finalist in the Norsewear Award (2007) in New Zealand and finalist in the Focus Abengoa International Painting Prize, Spain in 2014. Emma is known for her landscape based work where she explores specific landscapes that convey significance to her either for their historical or personal importance, serving as they always have, as a personal travel map.

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